66°NORTH Ltd. is one of Iceland’s oldest manufacturing companies. Established in 1926, it’s been a long-time leading innovator in the creation of specialized clothing for use in the toughest conditions on land and sea. Over the past ten years, 66°NORTH has grown extensively and is considered an expert in the production of outdoor clothing.

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Their inspiration and passion comes from random thoughts, with a multitude of questions without answers. They have hope of turning dreams into reality. What if they did this… what if they did that? Why are they told what’s hot and what’s not? Whatever it is, they realize they will never be perfect, just simply unique.

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Outdoor clothing was not always as practical as it is today. This was particularly clear during the Scandinavian Greenland Expedition in 1966 while testing Fjällräven’s revolutionary thermal tent. After the success of the tent and several serious discussions with the expedition team, Åke started considering making a jacket and trousers for the outdoors.

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Canada Goose

Founded in a small warehouse in Toronto, Canada, over fifty years ago, Canada Goose has since grown to be recognized internationally as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extreme weather outerwear.

Shop with them online here : www.canada-goose.com


A brand with an international vocation for technical quality and a sporting and cosmopolitan spirit. A style that is both technical and sophisticated at heart, addressing a modern and dynamic generation always on the move, passionate and curious, spontaneous and playful, yet extremely careful and independent in their choices.

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