JackThreads is a members-only, online shopping club that curates top-tier street, skate, surf and contemporary men’s fashion brands – offering daily sales of up to 80% off on what’s hot right now. Their premise is simple. They scour the globe to unearth the freshest looks and the deepest discounts available, and then deliver them to your inbox every day. There are no long lines, crowded aisles or bargain bins, just style and savings. Their goal? Empower their members to feel like a million bucks without spending a million bucks. They want you to stay fresh, for less.

Shop with them online here : www.jackthreads.com

101 Apparel

101 Apparel was created by designer Eric Crandell in 2006 as a way to seamlessly bridge the gap between art, music, and fashion. As Ubiquity Records Art Director for many years he applied his skills in designing album covers, silk screens and was the chief creative force for Ubiquity’s lucrative apparel line.

Shop with them online here : www.101apparel.com


Strongly influenced by frequent trips to New York in the 80’s and 90’s, BORO is a tribute to an era where having style was a culture more than a trend. There goal is to incorporate icons that are part of the disappearing culture they’ve grown up on while keeping the authenticity of the streets that raised them.

Shop with them online here : www.boroclothing.com

Load Limit

Load Limit is a multifaceted brand delivering their creative visions via various routes. They attach their name to products and projects aligned with their underground roots while encompassing the spirit of the North American railroad. In 2010, the Load Limit brand was launched in Southern California as a railroad photography & art show. They have grown since and continue to expand, so stay on track with them for LDLMT apparel, events, prints and so much more.

Shop with them online here : www.ldlmt.com

Black Scale

Through the vessel of fashion & style, Black Scale brings balance to the lie within the truth interpreted by way of graphic art, clothing and accessories inspired by religion, government, identity and death. Black Scale challenges the consumer to question the ideals of everyday society & to decipher the world objectively, disregarding the view of the status quo. The goal for Black Scale is to evoke emotions and to create topics of discussion through their designs and to encourage the consumer to leave no stone unturned when searching for one’s own truth.

Shop with them online here : www.black-scale.com

Wild Lemon Clothing

Wild Lemon Clothing Co. (WLC) was founded to let people express themselves in a new fashionably way! A lifestyle is not defined by the value of your assets or the status of those around you. It is defined by how much you appreciate what you do possess and who you surround yourself with.

Shop with them online here : www.wildlemonclothing.com

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