Anthony is a multi-functional, multi-benefit, nature based personal care system of skincare, bath and body products designed for men. The products are easy to understand with specific ingredients that are geared to a man’s skin from head to toe.

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Grooming Lounge

The Grooming Lounge was conceptualized in 1999 by gents with a lifetime of experience in the men’s grooming and fashion industry. After serving as the “un-official grooming gurus/suppliers” to their regular-guy buddies for years, the duo decided to make it official by creating a grooming brand incorporating stores, a web site, a catalog and custom-blended grooming products. Now led by Founder Michael Gilman and the company’s team of Grooming Experts, the Grooming Lounge is committed to setting new industry standards via the best in customer and technical service.

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4VOO (pronounced ‘forvous”) is an innovative Canadian skin care & cosmetic’s company that offers the luxurious experience of enhancing the appearance, confidence, and allure of men. 4VOO is dedicated to producing premium skin care products and enhancement products that work with a man’s skin to provide lasting visible results. 4V00 searches the world for the best ingredients and technologies available. products are then developed using the expertise of a team of independent Industry specialists.

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Male Species

Taking mens fashion to a higher level, Male Species addresses the growing demand for cosmetics and skin care products for the male species. Male Species products work well as stage make up and enhance mens fashions and mens hair styles. Today’s men value the benefits of mens grooming and seek products such as shaving cream and aftershave, especially mens cosmetics to improve their overall look. mens hair styles and fashions always look better when their grooming is a priority. One grooming necessity is proper men’s skin care.

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KenMen’s mission is to offer “The ultimate in Innovative SPA Experiences for MEN” and create efficient, accessible and practical masculine skin care solutions. They are producers and distributors of luxury skin care products and accessories for men. They create and or modify healing therapies which address specific health issues prevalent in men.

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