Third Looks

Established in 2011 Third Looks is dedicated to collecting visual stimuli that’s worth further inspection. Third Looks was created as a platform for creative individuals across fashion , music, and art to share viewpoints on design and style. The site’s main focus is to provide personal, independent, and timely coverage of men’s fashion through varied content including personal style profiles , behind the scenes perspectives, and the latest items worth coveting.

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Men In This Town

Men In This Town is a street style journal capturing men with a distinct look in their natural habitat. From the various towns in Sydney or wherever their travels bring them, they are looking to photograph the everyday man whose dress sense speaks volumes about who they are.

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He Spoke Style

Originally from Schenectady, NY, Brian Sacawa spent his entire life in music and the arts. He sees many similarities between style and music, and starting a personal style blog was a natural extension of his creative side as well as his desire to communicate with and inspire as many people as he possibly can.

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Dapper Lou

Dapper Lou is an ever-evolving site featuring menswear, culture, and art. The mission is to develop original and quality content. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Lougè is a self-taught creative force. After working on unpaid styling gigs Lougè was unsure of how to start a career in fashion. His determination soon lead him into photography where he is able to produce and share content worldwide.

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For all things men’s fashion, style and design there is only one destination – D’Marge. Classic, cultured and expertly curated, D’Marge is the ultimate online destination for the modern man. In just five years D’Marge has reached digital domination and is easily the largest, most influential voice of men’s style in Australia. With contributors in Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and Tokyo, D’Marge offers style and design updates from around the world, with a decidedly irreverent edge.

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Fashion on Chill

Gregory Cineus is a Boston native who recently moved cross country to Los Angeles to pursue wardrobe styling. He’s still adjusting but loving LA’s laid back spirit and hipster infused culture. Fashion on Chill describes a style that is not exaggerated, not forced, but put together with ease and seems effortless.

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