Easy Living and Happy Days by Alexandra Lizzi

For a relaxed day off from work, I went with a comfortable, yet trendy look touching on a few recent and also, consistent trends that have been quite present this year. To give a laid back, comfortable vibe without looking sloppy – the denim chambray shirt is a must have and a look that will unlikely get tiresome. It’s great to wear as is, throw over tanks, or throw a brightly colored jumper over top – which is what I did here. Personally, I love patterned anything. I think patterned anything adds a certain je nais sais pas to any look. So, if you’re looking to achieve a trendy, yet laid back look – look for some staple pieces like a denim chambray and a well-fitting pair of jeans, and then throw on a fun and unique pattern. Personally, I opted for the jungle animal sunset sweater I acquired at a vintage thrift shop in Philadelphia that reminded me of sunshine – which was a much needed reminder on this brisk day.

The boots are key in this outfit – I decided to crop the jeans to give the boots a more dramatic effect. Cropping the jeans will draw more attention to the boots and while just wearing a simple blue jean, I wanted to draw more attention to the cropped booties. This trend has remained quite popular for a decent amount of time now in women’s fashion, and I have a strong feeling that it’s here to stay…at least for now.

The last item I wanted to mention here, is my little Louis Vuitton purse that I acquired while thrift shopping around Paris, France last fall. I love this purse because I think of the story behind it – a delicately beautiful Persian woman sipping on a cappuccino while pulling her Chanel lipstick out of her Louis Vuitton purse just to fix her lips after it wore off a bit from the last sip. I just love the romance behind it. I know it’s just my imagination getting a bit too excited, but that’s what fashion is all about. Letting your imagination run ramped while creating a beautiful story through your style.

What I am wearing

Chambray Denim Shirt : J.Crew

Animal Print Jumper: Vintage Thrift Store “Retrospect”

Denim Jeans: J.Brand Jeans

Leather Jacket: Florence, Italy Leather Markets

Purse: Louis Vuitton

Boots: LF

Necklace: Anthropologie

Earrings & Watch: Kate Spade

Bracelet: Hermes

Thank you to our newest content writer Alexandra for this posting, you can view more of her blogs on her website at www.thefashionistaaffair.com

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