Chokers by Sorcha Lucky

The baddest nineties trend we have all secretly wanted to pull off – the effortless choker. I think we all remember, right around 3rd grade, when we would all wear our tattoo chokers we bought at Justice to school. Through time we grew out of that phase-or metaphorically our chokers from 3rd grade would literally end up choking us. Now they are coming back in trend, more so for fall and winter but I thought it would be a wonderful time to share my love for them today! Here’s a few of my favorite celebs rocking chokers from back in the day to now.

Throughout my life, I have been a huge Britney Spears fan and her wardrobe has played a significant impact on me. Precisely when, throughout elementary school I would cut my t shirts into crop tops and wear dramatic eye shadow while singing, “Lucky”. Back on the topic of chokers, I bought my first choker as a child because I wanted to be just like Britney! The best part about Britney’s transformation, I don’t mean her shaving her head and growing it out again, is that she still incorporates old trends into her now present day outfits which I absolutely love.

Chokers are not only worn on celebrities but have stormed the catwalks as well.

Au reviour!

Sorcha Lucky

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